Leadership Development Programs

First Time Manager/Supervisor Program 

This program is designed to assist first time managers and supervisors effectively lead a team and have the essential management skills to ably lead others.


Director Level Leadership Program

Building on the previous program, the Director Level Leadership Program provides the necessary leadership skills and processes for leading a division or department.


Leadership Lab

Designed for executives-in-development, the Leadership Lab provides accelerated development through deploying several powerful experiential learning practices.



Program Components:

All Leadership Development programs listed above include customization to meet the unique conditions of the customer and participants.


The programs are delivered in four half-day sessions, or four one-day sessions. The Follow Up For Follow Through© service is provided in-between each session, and after the last program session.


Leadership and Executive Coaching is provided for each participant in-conjunction with the Leadership Development program.  Research indicates stand-alone leadership development programs generate a 22% improvement in performance, whereas leadership development programs combined with coaching generate an 88% improvement in performance.


INSPIRE CANADA provides its evidence-based ROI model to predetermine with the customer the ROI target for each program.  Mutual actions are agreed to prior program delivery, for supporting the accomplishment of the ROI target.


People Development Programs

INSPIRE CANADA provides eight half-day or full day workshops on key skills and processes for supporting organizations’ goals for people development.


Each workshop is customizable to meet the unique conditions of the customer and participants.


The workshops are 70% experiential learning based, ensuring participants’ experience using the skills and processes with business issues they are looking to address.


Decision-making Effectiveness

Learn the 5 Decision-making styles, and the processes for successful collaborative decision-making and delegation.


Communication with Clarity©

Apply powerful communication model for building greater self-awareness and clarity in communication.


Confidence with Conflict©

Discern one’s default conflict behavior style, and learn how to apply all 5 Conflict Behavior styles where applicable.


Powerful Planning & People Management

Learn and apply an effective model for people management and a powerful process for managing accountability.


Positive Problem-solving©

Apply excellent problem-solving processes for both ‘technical’ and ‘sticky’ problems.


Process Mapping

Learn and apply process mapping principles and tools for generating process improvements.


Coaching for Leaders

Practice using three effective coaching processes to support the development of others.


Powerful Presentations

Learn and apply an effective process for preparing and delivering powerful presentations.

Lead at Scale©

“How do we scale?”


Lead at Scale© is a program designed to assist business owners and the chief executive implement a system for accomplishing aggressive scale initiatives. 


Leveraging unique leadership development program designed by one of the world’s most innovative companies, Lead at Scale© provides the roadmap and executive skill development necessary for a scale initiative to succeed.