“Boldly go where I have not gone before…”

“Boldly go where I have not gone before…”


Discover the Trust Paradox© in 2018…


As we get into this year, what is the ONE thing that would be risky for you, and yet if successful, would have the greatest impact for you and those around you?

Do, that one thing.

For me?  Writing a small book that would accompany INSPIRE CANADA’s most popular leadership development program.

The Trust Paradox©: taking a risk actually increases our sense of safety. Increasing our sense of safety is the biggest contributor to increasing Trust.

The three key moves:

  1. Discovering what risk could I take that would have the greatest impact for me and those around me?
  2. Take the risk.
  3. Accept the results, irrespective of what happens.

Accepting the results irrespective of what they may be releases us from the burden of ‘perfection’ and demonstrates that no matter what happens, I will be okay. In taking the risk we increase our sense of safety, increasing Trust in ourselves and in our lives.


“What is the ONE thing that would be risky for you, that if successful, would have the greatest impact for you and those around you?”


Boldly go where you have not gone before…





Michael is a business consultant who provides people development and change initiatives across Canada, while also assisting organizations in the US and Australia. In witnessing as a senior leader, a large highly successful company stumble and fall through an absence of trust, he committed himself to supporting organizations create a different outcome. Michael as a leader demonstrated the miss-steps he witnessed beforehand; appearing invulnerable, withholding thoughts and feelings, story-making, and reactivity. Recognizing this in himself, he increased his personal development efforts and continually re-commits to his purpose: “to create trust in the world, through demonstrating courage and kindness to myself and others, in every interaction.” Having recently completed a Masters degree in Leadership & Organisation Development in Seattle, US (Leadership Institute of Seattle, (LIOS)) Michael compliments his business experience with academic study in the methodologies for successful organizational change and people development. He is currently studying Lean process improvement and works his spiritual practice for “development at depth”.