Connect with us

Connect with us

From assisting global organizations to companies with less than 50 people, INSPIRE CANADA provides people
development programs and change management services to assist companies rise to the unique challenges
before them. Our intent is to generate a sense of optimism and self-sufficiency through experiencing our
programs and services.


Do you foresee an urgent need to provide people development or undertake significant organizational change
to support the accomplishment of key goals?


If your answer is “Yes” we’ve got common ground to explore.


Let us use our proven process to ‘map out’ your situation and generate greater clarity on the presenting issue.
(This usually takes 30-60mins). We will type up the discussion, give this back to you (it is yours after all!) and
from there, you tell us what, if anything, you would like to do as the next step.


This process supports our company’s foundation model: The Trust Paradox ©. We will be introducing you to a
couple of our key development processes during the mapping exercise without any guarantee of business.


Give us a call or simply fill out the form and let’s chat. There is no obligation to have us meet with you. Let’s
simply start a conversation and you decide what the next best step would be.